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2019-10-17 09:50

Kevin Eldon Will See You Now Series 4 A Giraffe on a Pulley Kevin Eldon meets some family trouble, a giraffe on a pulley and Britains noisiest toast. View allSix more episodes of BBC Radio 4's multiawardwinning sketch show, written by and starring John Finnemore. John Finnemore, writer and star of Cabin Pressure and John Finnemore's Double Acts, returns for a seventh series of his hugely acclaimed Souvenir Programme, which won him Radio Broadcaster of the Year at the 2016 Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. bigipedia bbc radio 4

What did you love best about Bigipedia: The Complete Series 2? This is one of the few absolutely sublime comedies to have come from Radio 4 in recent years. To me it's a direct descendant of 'Hitchhiker's Guide' (the eponymous book of which was, of course, a kind of protoWikipedia).

How can the answer be improved? Series 1. The omniscient friend you know from your computer and laser watch takes over Radio 4 for 30 minutes in a unique experiment in broadwebcasting. bigipedia bbc radio 4 Bigipedia is an allround 360degree information knowledge articlebased conglomerate portal. This Radio 4 show takes a plunge into its world: mocking online communications, internet drivel, popups, PC disasters, online mash ups, mobiles, search boxes, automated reply systems and other aspects of contemporary life online.

Bigipedia is a comedy sketch show broadcast on BBC Radio 4 that first aired between 23 July and 13 August 2009. A second series of four episodes began on 12 July 2011. [1 The show's storyline revolves around Bigipedia , a fictional website broadcast on radio and parody of Wikipedia, bigipedia bbc radio 4

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